About Us

Palmer House is established to address the homeless population of families and single women as well as a significant number of families living below the poverty line who are at risk of homelessness.


“The Hidden Homeless” or “The Invisible Homeless” are those we don’t see under a bridge or in parks; they are people without a permanent place to stay so they live on someone’s couch, in someone’s extra room, a weekly motel, or worse, in their cars.

According to HUD, on a single night in January 2016, 549.928 people were experiencing homelessness in America.  Five states, which include Texas, accounted for more than 50% of the homeless population. According to the Coalition for the Homeless, there are 3,938 homeless individuals, including children, in Houston, Harris County, and Fort Bend County on any given night.

Our organization is dedicated to eradicating homelessness one family, one person at a time by giving support, training, and tools wrapped in God's love and encouragement.

Palmer House provides shelter, food, transportation, education assistance, job skills and training, mentoring, counseling, and transitional housing.

Our Board

Toby D. Hicks

William E. Smith

Erika M. Jungblut

Julianna E. Smith

Erik Lewis

Celeste Good

Carole Smith - Executive Director